Thorsten kuttig

Traveler With Body & Soul · Photographer With Passion · Philogynist By Conviction · Metalhead By Heart · Petrolhead By Addiction

Thorsten was born in ’69 and is photographing for almost 35 years.
He studied graphic design and film- and communiaction design and works as freelance 3D Artist & Animator, who came across all the different fields of CGI.
He worked on two cinema movies and in dozens of agencies for 173 clients until now. Nowadays he finds himself in the fields of visualization, mostly for the automotive industry.

Traveling and photography are his passions. Usually he traveled 3 months a year and has already visited 76 countries/destinations, always his camera by his side.
Since July 2020 Thorsten lives in his Expedition-Van – a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter – together with his beautiful wife, Sonja.
Both are traveling the world to its most beautiful places. Thorstens current position, you’ll see on the map below.

„nihil est in intellectu quod non antea fuerit in sensu“
(„nothing is in the intellect which wasn´t first in the senses“)
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